Your body utilizes 3 fuel sources

Carbohydrates (Glucose)

Fastest burning

LEAST efficient

Used for shorts bursts of energy, such as a runner carb loading before a race





Used for building muscle

Limited energy source






Fats (Ketones)

Slowest burning / hardest to utilize

MOST efficient and LONGEST lasting energy

Fats are the brain’s only fuel

More satiated.  More Satisfied.



How to tap into ketosis

There are two ways to put your body into ketosis (Fat burning)

  • Through a low carb/high fat diet
    • Very strict diet plan
    • Takes the average person 2-4 weeks to get into ketosis
    • High chance of getting kicked out of ketosis with small dietary mistakes
    • Most dieters experience flu-like symptoms within the transition stage
  • Utilizing exogenous ketones
    • High-quality ketone precursor supplements that put your body into ketosis in 45-60 minutes.
    • Eliminates 2-4 week dietary period
    • Eliminates risk of dietary mishaps
    • No ‘Keto-flu’ symptoms

Are all the ketone supplements on the market equal?

NO!  Like most anything, there are varying qualities of product available on the market.  We have done substantial research and only work with the top quality products available so that our patients don’t have to stress about it.

Always speak with a nutritional expert before purchasing ketone supplements!  If you have any questions about ketosis contact Dr. Sellers today.